Getting a new roof can seem overwhelming as many homeowners are uncertain as to what a roofer should do when replacing their roof. To further complicate things, many roofers do not take the time to educate homeowners on what is required to accomplish a full replacement that will not only be done correctly but will also ensure a full manufacturer’s warranty. At Ridgecap GC, we use the motto of: do it right the first time. This means following manufacturer guidelines and local building codes to ensure a proper replacement.

Pre-construction meeting:

Before works begins, your consultant will meet with the crew lead to go over the project noting any specific items that need to be addressed and discuss all vulnerable areas needing protection during the install process.


Full removal of all existing shingles and felt:

Many contractors will suggest laying new felt over your old felt, stating this will give you double protection. In reality, this simply saves them money. By taking off all the existing felt we can make sure all decking is in sound condition. It is very common for some parts of the decking to have wood rot and these sections should be replaced with new decking at the time of install.

Starter shingle

The starter shingle is the first line of shingle around the perimeter of your roof. Many contractors cut corners with this application by using the old starters or by using a 3 tab shingle that was not made to do the job of a starter strip. Ridgecap GC only uses premanufactured starter shingles with a double adhesive strip. The adhesive strip on both the top and bottom of the starter shingle is critical so that wind cannot lift up the shingles at the roofs edge which unseals the roofing system.


Removal and replacement of roofing drip edge:

Another item that is often left off by the contractor to save money. New drip edge is part of a complete roofing system and ensures proper protection of the homes fascia.

Synthetic felt:

The most commonly used underlayment is organic felt, which is a black paper that separates the shingles from the decking. Ridgecap GC upgrades all of our customers to synthetic felt which provides additional safety to our workers at the time of install while providing for a higher degree of water protection.

Ice and water shield:

With the roof valleys taking the brunt of the water volume, Ridgecap GC ensures these areas of your roof will be fully protected for years to come by installing a rubber membrane running the length of each valley.

Lead pipe jacks:

Probably the most overlooked, yet the most prone to leaks. Many roofers save dollars by installing rubber-based pipe boots. These types of boots commonly dry rot after 5 to 7 years and provide an opening for water. By installing lead pipe jacks our Ridgecap Consultants can ensure a long- lasting seal around all pipes.

Hail impact resistant shingle:

We don’t cut corners when it comes our shingle selection. Malarkey shingles have been providing superior roof products since 1956 and in our opinion is the strongest, longest lasting shingle on the market. All Ridgecap customers are provided a complimentary upgrade to the Malarkey Vista Impact Resistant Shingle™. This shingle not only allows for a significant insurance premium discount, it also stands up against hail like no other. (link VISTA PDF)


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High profile class IV ridge

Since it is part of our name, we like to stand out with the ridge cap on all of our roofs. Once again, at no additional cost, we install a Class IV High Profile Ridge on all roof installs. There is no better way to make your new roof pop!

Clean up

To ensure the best clean up possible, Ridgecap sends in an additional crew just for cleanup. Multiple magnets sweeps for nails, blow out window sills, pick up bits of trash, sweeping driveway and walkways and haul off any leftover material.

Warranty registration:

All completed roofs will be registered with the manufacturer, and registration docs are emailed to the homeowner for their warranty file. In addition to the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, all Ridgecap roofs come with a 10 – year labor warranty.

Class certificate:

All homeowners will be provided with a shingle class certificate which they can submit to their insurance carrier to achieve any available discount the carrier might provide for a new hail impact resistant roof.

Permits will be pulled by Ridgecap GC when required by municipalities.