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In the rough Texas weather, making sure your roof is rock-solid or not can mean the difference between enjoying a safe, comfy home or facing endless worries and costly damage!

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texas roofing
texas roofing
texas roofing

Here's What Makes Ridgecap GC the Roofing Pros You Need

We’re not just any crew; we’re certified Malarkey Emerald Pros, which means we’re the real deal in Texas roofing.

This roofing service is designed to give you every bit of know-how and expert work you need to make sure your roof stands up to hail, wind, and the fiery Texas sun. 

Don’t wait another minute! Every day you hold off is another day your home isn’t protected from what Mother Nature throws at it. Don’t be left out in the rain, give us a holler now!

Cities Where We Work Our Roofing Magic

Look here! These are the Texas towns where we make roofs tough and sturdy:

McKinney, TX

In the heart of Texas, McKinney homes deserve roofs that stand up to our wild weather. We got you covered — literally!

Allen, TX

Allen, your cozy community can count on us for roofing that keeps you safe and adds curb appeal to your home sweet home.

Frisco, TX

Hey there, Frisco! Big city dreams need big-time protection. We build roofs that let you sleep sound as a bug in a rug.

Dallas, TX

Big D, big style, big skies. Your roof is as grand as your skyline. Trust us, your premier Dallas roofer.

Whenever you are in these parts of Texas and want a roof that’s done right, remember Ridgecap GC. We’re the crew that cares about your roof and works hard to keep you and your family cozy and dry.

Here's the Real Deal on Texas Roofing Excellence

Exceptional Roof Durability for Northwest Arkansas Homes

Exceptional Roof Durability for Northwest Arkansas Homes

  • Lock down the strongest roof for your Texan home, we know what lasts!
  • See why the smartest roof choice doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, we're talking value!
  • Sail past common roofing Texas headaches and dive straight into smooth sailing.
  • Know exactly how negotiations and details are handled, we support you every step of the way!
  • Save a bundle by choosing us, other folks might charge more, but not us!
  • texas roofing

    So, What's the Lowdown on Choosing Us for Your Texas Roof?

    You get the know-how and support of a team that’s nailed it as an Elite Roofing Contractor for a long stretch. 

    Get all the insider tricks on choosing the best materials and getting the job nailed tight. You get the absolute best plan to keep your home safe and sound!

    How to Kick-Start Your Roofing Project Right Now

    Don’t just stand there, click the button and join the ranks of Texans with spiffy, sturdy roofs over their heads. Let’s make things happen today!

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